Laufende Habilitationen

Avakian, Sylvie

'Being Towards Death'. Heidegger and the Orthodox Theology of the East

Kurzbeschreibung: By appealing to the contributions of Martin Heidegger and Nikolaĭ Berdyaev the present work rethinks the essential reciprocal relationship between beings and being as such, also, between beings and other beings. In theological—anthropological terms this would be perceived as the need for uncovering the authentic self, or the inner light, in its relation to God, to other human beings, and, to the world.

Through its different parts the present work seeks the retrieval of human reality in one’s strenuous task to bring one’s everyday being in the world and the primordial—spiritual—meaning of one’s existence into a harmony; a harmony that safeguards the difference between the two and yet their belonging together. In the words of Berdyaev, this is the struggle between one’s being and belonging to two worlds; a struggle that is never fully resolved while being in the world. Heidegger’s words ‘being toward death’, hence, indicate a path that requires gazing upon truth as such—as uncoveredness—and appropriating it in and through one’s being in the world. It is a path of reciprocity between the human being and being as such, a reciprocity that entails not only openness toward and receptivity of being as such as Mystery, but also becoming it, namely partaking in truth as such as uncoveredness. In the terms of Orthodox theology such partaking in truth is partaking in God, made possible only through the initial divine descent, that is God’s bestowal of Godself to the whole of creation


Drobe, Christina

Was ist der Sinn der Geschichte? Eine theologische Reflexion der Eschatologie von Paul Tillich (Arbeitstitel)